The Hamline Review: Part II

And now here’s an overview of my homework. Specifically, it’s just half of my homework: I’m not listing all of the work I produced – the papers I wrote, the tests I took, or the online ‘discussions’ I was involved in. Instead, I’m only going to list the half I consumed.

First, the books. Here’s every book assigned in my classes, along with notes, where applicable:

#ClassBook TitleAuthorNotes
1American History 1607-1860American Slavery, American FreedomMorgan, Edmund S.
2American History 1607-1860Letters from an American FarmerSt. John De Crevecoeur, J. HectorOnly assigned to read the Introduction and chapters 2,3,4,5,9, and 12
3American History 1607-1860American Revolution: A History, theWood, Gordon S.
4American History 1607-1860Andrew Jackson and His Indian WarsRemini, Robert V.
5American History 1607-1860American Reformers, 1815-1860Walters, Ronald G.
6American History 1607-1860Lincoln at GettysburgWills, Gary
8Textual Studies and CriticismThomas and BeulahDove, RitaDespite being <100 pages, I didn't finish this one. I don't really like poetry. Still got an A- on the paper, though.
7Textual Studies and CriticismAlmost an EveningCoen, Ethan
9Textual Studies and CriticismRaisin in the Sun, aHansberry, Lorraine
10Textual Studies and CriticismLovely Bones, theSebold, Alice
11Textual Studies and CriticismBest American Short Stories of 2009, thecompilation
12American Literatures (to 1860)Heath Anthology of American Literature, Vol. A, thecompilationDidn't have to read the whole thing, but big chunks
13American Literatures (to 1860)Narrative of the Life of Frederick DouglassDouglass, FrederickI read this years earlier, and decided to reread it for class
14American Literatures (to 1860)Heath Anthology of American Literature, Vol. B, thecompilationSee Volume A's note, above
15American Literatures (to 1860)Bartleby, the ScrivenerMelville, Herman
16Women and LiteraturePride and PrejudiceAusten, JaneOf the books I completed reading, this was my least favorite.
17Women and LiteratureWuthering HeightsBrontë, Emily
18Women and LiteratureBrokeback MountainProulx, AnnaAt 56 pages, this is the shortest book on this list.
19Introduction to US HistoryPivotal DecadesCooper, Jr., John Milton
20Introduction to US HistoryGrand Expectations: The United States, 1945-1974Patterson, James T.At 830 pages, this is the longest book on the list that I read in its entirety
21Introduction to US HistoryRestless Giant: The United States from Watergate to Bush v. GorePatterson, James T.
22Literary and Cultural TheoryTheory Toolbox, theNealon, Jeffrey / Searles Giroux, Susan
23Literary and Cultural TheoryAdventures of Huckleberry Finn, theTwain, MarkI read this years earlier, and didn't reread it for class
24Literary and Cultural TheoryPiano Lesson, theWilson, August
25Literary and Cultural TheoryDiving Into the WreckRich, Adrienne
26Introduction to African American StudiesMaking of African America, theBerlin, Ira
27Introduction to African American StudiesMercy, aMorrison, Toni
28Introduction to African American StudiesTwelve Years a SlaveNorthup, Solomon
29Introduction to African American StudiesWomen, Race, and ClassDavis, Angela Y.
30Introduction to African American StudiesBrothers and KeepersWideman, John Edgar
31Introduction to African American StudiesFrom Black Power to Hip HopCollins, PatriciaI decided not to finish this one.
32Night the Hogs Ate Willie, theDead Until DarkHarris, CharlaineOnly assigned chapters 1 and 2, but I read the whole thing.
33Cults in AmericaRevivalism, Social Conscience, and Community in the Burned-Over DistrictAltschuler, Glenn C. / Saltzgaber, Jan M.
34Cults in AmericaSeventh-Day Adventists and the Civil Rights MovementLondon, Samuel G.
35Cults in AmericaHow the Millennium Comes Violently: From Jonestown to Heaven's GateWessinger, Catherine
36Cults in AmericaWhy Waco?: Cults and the Battle for Religious Freedom in AmericaTabor, James D. / Gallagher, Eugene V.
37History of Jehovah's WitnessesJehovah's Witnesses: Portrait of a Contemporary Religious MovementHolden, Andrew
38History of Jehovah's WitnessesCaptives of a ConceptCameron, Don
39Horror FilmHorrorCherry, Bridgid
40Horror FilmPretend We're Dead: Capitalist Monsters in American Pop CultureNewitz, Annalee
41Censorship in FilmsWages of Sin: Censorship and the Fallen Woman Film, 1928-1942, theJacobs, Lea
42Censorship in FilmsHollywood v. Hard Core: How the Struggle over Censorship Saved the Modern Film IndustryLewis, Jon
43Censorship in FilmsHas Hollywood Lost Its Mind?: A Parent's Guide to Movie RatingsHicks, Chris
44Censorship in FilmsNaked Truth: Why Hollywood Doesn't Make X-Rated Movies, theSandler, Kevin S.
45Historical MethodsReturn of Martin Guerre, theDavis, Natalie Zemon
46Historical MethodsUnredeemed Captive: A Family Story From Early America, theDemos, John
47Historical MethodsManual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and DissertationsTurabian, KateOnly had to read chapters 1,9-14
48Historical MethodsPursuit of History, theTosh, John
49World LiteraturesHome and the World, theTagore, Rabindranath
50World LiteraturesCracking IndiaSidhwa, Bapsi
51World LiteraturesAnil's GhostOndaatje, Michael
52World LiteraturesRed AzaleaMin, Anchee
53World LiteraturesArtist of the Floating World, anIshiguro, Kazuo
54World LiteraturesObasanKogawa, Joy
55World LiteraturesPostman (Il Postino), theSkarmeta, AntonioThis technically wasn't assigned, but my group had to divide up the work of presenting about the film Il Postino, and I opted to compare it with the novel.
56Reform Movements in American HistoryAmerican Reformers, 1815-1860Walters, Ronald G.I had to read this before (see #5), so I didn't reread it for this class.
57Reform Movements in American HistoryAmerican Heroine: The Life and Legend of Jane AddamsDavis, Allen F.I didn't finish this one.
58Reform Movements in American HistoryFranklin D. Roosevelt and the New DealLeuchtenburg, William E.
59Reform Movements in American HistoryMad Among Us: A History of the Care of America's Mentally Ill, theGrob, Gerald N.
60Reform Movements in American HistoryAge of Great Dreams: America in the 1960s, theFarber, David
61Senior SeminarBlind Assassin, theAtwood, Margaret
62Senior SeminarSecret Life of Stories: From Don Quixote to Harry PotterBérubé, MichaelOnly had to read chapters 1 and 2.
63Senior SeminarForms: Whole, Rhythm, Hierarchy, NetworkLevine, Caroline
64Senior SeminarCrying of Lot 49, thePynchon, Thomas
65Senior SeminarOsama: A NovelTidhar, LavieI didn't finish this one.
66Senior SeminarTales of the Metric SystemCoovadia, ImraanI didn't finish this one.

As you can see, I didn’t read everything that was assigned. But I read most of the books and, even those I didn’t finish, I still read large swaths of them. Every class assigned critical essays, articles, or short stories, too, and I usually read those. All together, my readings represented around 15,000 pages.

And here are the films – including a couple TV miniseries – that I was assigned to watch for class:

#ClassMovie TitleMovie Release YearNotes
1Textual Studies and CriticismLimbo1999
2Textual Studies and CriticismLovely Bones, the2009
3Textual Studies and CriticismRaisin in the Sun, a1961
4Textual Studies and CriticismRaisin in the Sun, a2008
5Women and LiteratureBridget Jones's Diary2001Already seen; watched it again.
6Women and LiteraturePiano, the1993
7Women and LiteratureBrokeback Mountain2005
8Literary and Cultural TheoryPiano Lesson, the1995
9Introduction to African-American StudiesDaughters of the Dust1991
10Night the Hogs Ate Willie, theNosferatu1922
11Night the Hogs Ate Willie, theBeloved1998
12Night the Hogs Ate Willie, theNight of the Hunter, the1955Already seen; watched it again.
13Night the Hogs Ate Willie, theEve's Bayou1997
14Night the Hogs Ate Willie, theDeliverance1972Already seen; watched it again.
15Night the Hogs Ate Willie, theNight of the Living Dead1968
16Night the Hogs Ate Willie, theSugar Hill1974
17Night the Hogs Ate Willie, theTexas Chainsaw Massacre, the1974
18Night the Hogs Ate Willie, thePumpkinhead1988
19Night the Hogs Ate Willie, theNear Dark1987
20Night the Hogs Ate Willie, theSilence of the Lambs, the1991Already seen; watched it again.
21Night the Hogs Ate Willie, theWild at Heart1990
22Night the Hogs Ate Willie, theDoe Boy, the2001
23Night the Hogs Ate Willie, theBeast of the Southern Wild2012Already seen; didn't watch it again
24Cults in AmericaJonestown: The Life and Death of People's Temple2006
25Cults in AmericaAmerican Experience: God in America (parts 1-6), the2010This was a PBS miniseries, so technically not a movie, but still pretty long.
26Horror FilmSafe Haven2006Short film - still counts
27Horror FilmHaunting, the1963
28Horror FilmShining, the1980
29Horror FilmBlair Witch Project, the1999
30Horror FilmHalloween1978
31Horror FilmZodiac2007
32Horror FilmWoman, the2011
33Horror FilmThing, the1951
34Horror FilmThing, the1982Already seen; watched it again
35Horror FilmGanja and Hess1973
36Horror FilmWhite Zombie1932
37Horror FilmDawn of the Dead1978
38Horror FilmAmerican Zombie2007
39Horror FilmCabin in the Woods, the2012
40Horror FilmLåt den Rätte Komma In (Let the Right One In)2008
41Horror FilmThere Will Be Blood2007Already seen; didn't watch it again.
42Horror FilmTwelve Years a Slave2013Already seen; didn't watch it again
43Censorship in FilmsThis Film is Not Yet Rated2006Already seen; didn't watch it again.
44Historical MethodsRetour de Martin Guerre, le (The Return of Martin Guerre)1982
45World LiteraturesGhare-Baire (The Home and the World)1984
46World LiteraturesIn the Time of the Butterflies2001
47World LiteraturesDiarios de Motocicleta (The Motorcycle Diaries)2004
48World LiteraturesPostino, Il1994Already seen; watched it again.
49Senior SeminarAfter Hours1985
50Senior SeminarMagnolia1999Already seen; watched it again.
51Senior SeminarWhen the Levees Broke2006TV miniseries, still counts.
52Senior SeminarFast, Cheap, and Out of Control1997

A few were viewed in class, there was one I saw at the theater (The Lovely Bones), two of them I had to show up on campus at special times to watch an out-of-class viewing, and the rest I watched at home. Of the four films on the list here that were assigned and that I had seen before, but that I didn’t watch again, two of them I had seen so recently that I felt I didn’t need to take time out for a second viewing (Twelve Years a Slave and This Film is Not Yet Rated), and two I didn’t like enough to want to sit through again (There Will be Blood and Beasts of the Southern Wild).

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