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Number Eight

Last summer, I wrote about finding a file on an old hard drive where I listed stuff I want to do and things I’d like to do. The eighth item on the list (excluding items I crossed out) was “Have … Continue reading

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Thank You, AMC Showplace

I gotta thank the local megaplex, AMC Showplace in Inver Grove Heights, for reminding me why I hate going to the movie theater. Don’t get me wrong, the movie itself was just fine (I saw Oz the Great and Powerful … Continue reading

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1½ Years in Our Home

Sunday marked a year and a half since we moved into our house. Here’s the post I made on our six-month anniversary living here. And here’s the post I made at our one-year anniversary. Today I will follow suit by listing improvements … Continue reading

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How About a Little Love for Northup?

In class last week and this, we are reading Twelve Years a Slave. It’s part of the slave narrative genre that was so popular back in the waning days of slavery (all the cool abolitionists were reading them). Unlike other … Continue reading

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