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Amazing Prophecy Proves Watchtower Society is One True Channel to God!

Recently, I had yet another discussion with a relative concerning religion. Specifically, he contended that everything he believed was completely true and unfalsifiable while everything I believed was in error. After pointing out to him the incorrect Watchtower teaching of … Continue reading

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I Met One of My Heroes

On Saturday, 22Mar08, I attended the 20th annual American Atheists Conference. I went, along with my pal Ryan, thinking it would be mildly interesting. Well, I was wrong. It was freakin’ awesome. Ryan and I attended only one day of … Continue reading

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From 31Mar08 Chemical and Engineering News

Here’s a couple of fascinating things I just learned. I wanted to provide links to these articles but, alas, you can only get to the article if you have a subscription to Chemical & Engineering News, and I doubt everyone … Continue reading

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