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Decade at-a-Glance: TV Shows

So here are my favorite television shows from the 2000s. Since TV shows, unlike albums, books, and movies, don’t have a single “release date,” it’s not always easy to say which decade a show belongs to. So I’m instituting this … Continue reading

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Decade at-a-Glance: Albums

With over 99% of the decade behind us (my decade started in 2000, not 2001), I thought I’d take the time to do a few “best of” lists. Since school’s done for the semester, I hope to put these lists … Continue reading

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How a JW Elder Made Me Mad, Sad, and Glad All Within 1 Minute

What a fool believes he sees / No wise man has the power to reason away -The Doobie Brothers In my last post, I eulogized my departed friend Jamin Shevik. The very day I wrote that entry, however, I was … Continue reading

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Remembering Jamin

My friend, Jamin Shevik, passed away on Friday. He was 31 years old. I use the term “friend” perhaps a bit too loosely here; I haven’t actually spoken to him in over three years, and even then, we only spoke … Continue reading

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