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Kirk vs Khan: The Way It Was Meant to Be

Remember back when Captain Kirk battled Khan Noonien Singh and they made a good movie about it? Yeah, unless you’re like, 35 years old (or older), you weren’t around during that blessed time. Some money-grubbers remade the movie swapping lens-flare … Continue reading

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Rain Barrel

¬†When the newsletter from our local co-op arrived in the mail in late May, I perused the list of classes, as I often do. There are usually one or two interesting classes, but I had never taken one. But this … Continue reading

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Franconia and Other Events in this Busy Month

Let’s see…in the past 30 days, I have: *Attended a magic show *Been to five different US states *Visited the site of the Boston Massacre, and seen Samuel Adams’ and Paul Revere’s grave site *Toured the Old State House in … Continue reading

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