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One more feather in my Sight-seeing cap

So, after more than 33 years, I finally saw one of those famous (at least by local standards) Paul Bunyan/Babe the Blue Ox statues. Specifically, my wife, son and I stopped by the one in Bemidji near the shores of … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Me

Today marks #33. I’ve outlived Anne Frank, Lady Jane Grey, Billy the Kid, Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Bruce Lee and Alexander the Great. Jesus, in two months, I’ll have even outlived John … Continue reading

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Media Whore

Sometimes, I find myself in a place or predicament, and I wonder what choices I have made in life that led up this point. It’s kind of a fun little game I play in my mind to keep me interested … Continue reading

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Random Stuff

1. So, I was with a friend the other day, and we got into his car to drive to a local burger place. On the way, I said: “Oh, you need to make a right up at the next light, … Continue reading

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