More Underpants, More Science

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I got so wrapped up in ripping on that lousy Introduction yesterday, that I neglected to talk about the bigger book event from the day.

No, I don’t mean the release of Atheist Voices of Minnesota, although yesterday was the official release date.

What I mean is the release of Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers!

Owen has been exicted about this overdue ninth installment in the Captain Underpants saga. We completed book eight sometime earlier this year, and Owen was disappointed to learn that was all there was.

Alas, after a 6 year hiatus, author Dav Pilkey was back with book nine (of ten) going on sale yesterday.

Owen and I drove to The Red Balloon Bookshop this evening and scored ourselves a hardcover copy. I had called ahead and reserved it, though this seemed unnecessary as there was not exactly a stampede run at the new book. Nevertheless, I had Owen approach the counter and ask the saleslady for his reserved copy. She asked his last name, spun around, and returned with the thickest Captain Underpants book I’d ever seen. It’s true: the other eight book are all between 110 and 180 pages, but this one clocks in at over 300.

We read the first ten (!) chapters last night and another five this evening. Don’t let the title fool you: Tinkletrousers (as Professor Poopypants has rechristened himself) is not the main antagonist, he merely gets the action going and provides a reason to take us back in time five years. The books has, so far, treated us to George and Harold’s first meeting and how they got their start in the comic book world. So far, it’s definitely my favorite book of the series and, coming as we just finished up the A to Z Mysteries, the timing was impeccable.

Now we wait until January for the exciting conclusion. Finally, the saga will be complete.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Today was meet-your-new-teacher day at my son’s elementary school.

While talking with his new teacher, she told us about the new year’s extended science curriculum. Jennifer and I already knew about this, having read it in the district’s newsletter earlier this summer, but Owen’s teacher gave us some more insights.

So, basically, the St. Paul school district decided all the kids need more science education. I agree. It’s gonna double this year. Science classes every day now. Not only that, but there are now two -not one, but two – dedicated science teachers. I love this development. After all, “science” is such a broad umbrella that it should be parsed out to specialists. The new science teacher they brought on board will work exclusively with Kindergarten, First, and Second-graders (Owen falls into this catergory). Owen’s teacher told us the new science room is right next door and that the science teacher is in there waiting to meet her new students.

So then we went next door. The science teacher was happy to see us, very much so, in fact, as her room was devoid of any other parents or students. I guess everyone else was busy meeting their primary teacher and didn’t bother with the new science teacher. Too bad for them, but it worked out great for us because we had more time to meet and talk with the science teacher. Also, Isla liked following the paper “footprints” tracking throughout the room. She is so ready for Kindergarten.

Anyway, just thought I’d say: Good job to St. Paul Schools for beefing up the science education!

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