Halfway to a Dream Come True

Thursday, 05 April 2012

So, the other day, my father-in-law sent  me an email telling me that the Watchtower Society’s twin periodicals, The Watchtower and Awake! will be reduced from 32 pages to 16 pages. Not wanting to just accept this as gospel, I did a little research.

It’s kind of funny how the Watchtower Society is constantly looking at ways to cut costs. When I was a kid, they had three conventions a year totaling eight days – with food sold at each one. They’ve trimmed that down to six. days…and no food They used to nearly exclusively publish hardcover books, but now they publish nearly exclusively paperback. They used to come out with 24 issues of the Watchtower and 24 issues of Awake! every year. Now Awake! is monthly, and every other Watchtower is a “members-only” edition, which surely cuts down on the number of copies requiring printing.

I realize the economic situation for many businesses is such that it’s prudent to cut costs, and I applaud “green” endeavors corporations make (for whatever reasons). Still, since the Watchtower Society is the one corporation that’s has Jehovah as the CEO…and since the (human) directors believe their actions fulfill bible prophecy…it’s hard to see how all of these cut-back satisfy Isaiah 60:22: “The small one will become a thousand and the little one a mighty nation” (or something like that – many scriptures are getting fuzzy in my brain).

Anyway – it’s true. Beginning in 2013 (if Armageddon hasn’t arrived yet), the public version of The Watchtower and all issues of Awake! will be 16 pages only. This is great news for my (ex-)friends: since most of them were such lousy Witnesses they never read the magazines anyway, they will soon have only half as much to ignore. Congrats, to them.

Here’s the letter verifying my father-in-law’s rumor. But…shhhh…the JWs aren’t supposed to know until Sunday.

And here’s page two, which, I assure you, won’t do anything to raise your intelligence. I’m just including it in the interest of full disclosure:

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2 Responses to Halfway to a Dream Come True

  1. Mike says:

    More than likely, the folks at the top of the organization need a new Mercedes or swimming pool or something…

  2. James says:

    Good point. My guess is swimming pool – parking is a real pain in NYC, so a Mercedes might just be an added headache.

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