Repeat Players

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Season 19 of The Amazing Race started this evening.

Among the ten other couples beginning the race are Ethan and Jenna. I was really disappointed to see them because, as you may know, they have both already been on Survivor. Not only that, but they’ve both won the game of Survivor.

I really prefer to see all new people playing these games, but both The Amazing Race and Survivor seem bent on culling from their own (and each other’s) pasts to find contestants. Are there not enough applicants for these shows?

This season of Survivor, for example, features both Wade and Ozzy, two people who have also already played. Twice, in fact.

And this isn’t the first time these shows have done this. I think Survivor is making this a new theme: For the past three seasons, they have invited back two players from prior seasons. And The Amazing Race has likewise used repeat players.


I’d be more interested in seeing new people. In the meantime, I’ll root for these repeat players to leave the game ASAP.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Update on finding money this year: I’m up to $9.21.

I found a dime at work today.

Now that I’ve progressed this far in the year, I wish I had kept all this free money in a sequestered envelope or jar, and then spent it at the end of the year. I could’ve gone out to lunch, or bought a tank of gas, or a new car (depending on the final total, of course). Instead, I’ve dropped most of it into Owen’s piggy bank, tossed some of it into my car’s ash tray for spare change, and even spent some of it almost as soon as I found it.

By mid-year (02 July), I was at $6.53, and being just over nine dollars is keeping me on track for finding about $13.00 for the year. I was kind of hoping I would find more money during the year than I make in an hour, and, well, that’s just not looking likely (yes, I make more than $13.00 an hour).

On the other hand, I never know how much I’m going to find. On at least three occasions in my life, I’ve found more than $15 at one time. So who knows? I could double my total haul by tomorrow.

I better start looking.

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