Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Here’s a photo that was taken over a year ago. There’s a new Mural going up at Century College and they decided to include this picture, which they call “Woody man and child:”

And here’s a cool site that shows size comparisons of things in the universe; from galaxy clusters to quarks, and a whole lot more: CLICK THIS.

And here’s an article about one non-believer’s experience in the US military. I thought it was one of the most interesting articles I’ve edited in a while: CLICK THIS.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Today we Thanksgiving’d at my wife’s great Aunt and Uncle’s house. This was a first for us, as we have always celebrated Thanksgiving with my sister and her family.

I think Owen had a better time, since there were a few kids for him to play with.

The “Check Engine” light went on in the car when we were about halfway to our destination (which was just over an hour away). When I had first turned on the car, the “Low Coolant” light came on, but I didn’t really care, as that light seems to turn on in every car when the weather first gets cold. Still, a few hours after we got to our destination, I went out to the car and added in some coolant.

When we went to leave, the coolant light did not go on, but the “Check Engine” light did go on – right away – and it stayed on. So that made me nervous. Things always seem to happen to our car when we are as far from home as we ever drive. I kept finding myself more relaxed the closer we got to home. When we drove through Forest Lake, I thought, “Okay, this is good, if the car dies now, my in-laws live close by,” and once we got into St. Paul, I thought, “Okay, good, if something happens to the car now, I could probably call my wife’s sister for help.”

Anyway, we made it home and, apart from that annoying light, the car gave no indication of any problems.

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