The Amazing Post

23 March 2010

So here’s a rather small scale model of the USS Enterprise: CLICK THIS.

It’s small. It’s amazingly small. 8.8 microns. To put that into perspective, if you lined 113 of them up end-to-end, they still wouldn’t be as thick as dime (I’m talking the skinny side of the dime – not the diameter). I just think it’s really great when scientists use their know-how to do something marvelous for the human race like this.

Here’s another link: NOW CLICK THIS. I felt compelled to write this article after watching said episode. Something like this happened last season on Survivor, too. One contestant prayed to her god to help her team win the challenge. They didn’t, but I think she continued to believe in her god after he failed her so miserably. Maybe her god was busy in Haiti that week, who knows?

I also found out today that my work was accepted into Hamline’s book of student stuff titled The Fulcrum. (Sorry, I don’t have a link for you to click this time.) This is kind of amazing because, last year, when I first found out about the Fulcrum, I made it a goal to submit something. That was in September. The deadline was something like December 3rd. All through October and November, I kept meaning to write something, but I was busy with other matters. So, finally, like the day before the deadline, I had to take the day off work because our baby-sitter canceled on us. So I took Owen to preschool, and then had three hours to spend at the local library. I was all caught up on my schoolwork, so I wrote an essay real quick, and sent it in about 15 minutes before the noon deadline. Apart from Word’s auto-spellcheck, there was pretty much no editing.

In a way, though, it’s not at all amazing that my work was accepted. After all, the editor-in-chief shares my last name. I’ve never met her but, hey, nepotism must work at all levels of human endeavor, right?

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