Owen Visits The Works Museum

A few weeks ago, we took Owen to The Works Museum.  This isn’t too large of a museum and is housed within a community center.  The Works Museum’s website states: “The Works is a “hands-on, minds-on” museum that makes learning about engineering, science and technology interesting, understandable and fun.”  Owen has had a passion for engineering and science since he was about 18 months old.  Owen’s recent passion of course is robots, and the museum had a special exhibit going on about robotics.  We even got in free because the event was open up to the public.

As soon as we got into the area of the museum that had the robotics, Owen was super excited about what was going on.  He walked up to the displays all by himself and was not very concerned about us holding his hand or standing right next to him like he usually is in new situations.  He would approach the exhibits and start trying to work them all by himself.  He really enjoyed the displays and as the day progressed he got more and more bold and even started leading us around the museum to new exhibits.

At one exhibit Owen got to control a robot by himself.  He drove it around and around and was really enjoying himself.  The robot then crashed into him but he didn’t let go of the controls so he was a little confused for a moment there until we stopped the robot.  Owen led us around to several other exhibits and was able to try many things at the museum.  He saw a lot of robots and other engineering and science things that he also loved.

Going to this museum made me realize that Owen is very inclined towards robotics, engineering, and science.  I was very happy to see him acting like a completely different child in this environment.  He was completely at ease and excited, not at all shy or affected the by crowd like he usually is.  He seemed to have a lot of self confidence and natural curiosity in this situation and I hope to find ways to continue to encourage this in him.

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