We Wii’d

This weekend, our family went on our first bike ride of the season. Of course, Owen has gotten on his bike a few times and went around the block, but Saturday was the first day the four of us (with Isla in the trailer) took off for a substantial ride.

We biked about two miles, probably a little more. We followed the road down to the Mississippi River, then stayed on a bike trail under the High Bridge and toward downtown. We stopped and gawked at the water, then biked a little further, then made U-turns and cycled back home.
Coupling this with a lot of work around the house, and I sure felt beat Saturday night.

Back in December, we obtained a Wii for Xmas, and the three of us (Isla doesn’t really participate) have been quite regular at exercising using the Wii fit. I’ve tried to log a half hour on it each time I fire it up: sometimes I run, bike, or box; those are the high-calroie burners. Sometimes I’m a bit easier on myself, such as when I try my hand at juggling or soccer. All in all, it was a great way to move our bodies during those bitter cold months of December, January, February, March, and, evidently, April. More importantly, it helped Owen tire out. I’m all for having kids get tired out.

Jennifer felt pretty worn out from our bike ride this weekend, too, and she said it was evidence that the Wii doesn’t serve as an adequate substitute for “real” physical activity. So, I don’t know. Is it pointless? I feel like I work out when I use it, and it’s gotta be better than just sitting around whining about how dark and cold it is outside. Maybe it’s just not intense enough. I don’t know. I’m just glad we’ve had a few days here to get outside. This weekend was one of the best springs I can remember.

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  1. Jennifer Z. says:

    I think the Wii Fit is good for tracking weight loss, and is a good supplemental exercise for the cold months when you aren’t moving as often, and a great way for kids to release pent up energy in the winter. But I really think one needs something like a treadmill or eliptical to actually get a good workout on.

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