Creation Reveals God’s Glory!

The September 2006 issue of Awake! (a monthly periodical published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society) invites us to “consider the wonders of God’s handiwork”. It invites us to “then ‘hear’ what these things are ‘telling’ you. No doubt, you will reach the same conclusion as did the apostle Paul—that not only God’s existence but also his qualities can be readily ‘perceived by the things made.’” (page 27)

I, for one, whole-heartedly, unequivocally, unabashedly, unapologetically agree with this excerpt. Surely, if biological beings are the handiwork of the God of the bible, then undoubtedly a closer inspection of His creations can reveal much about Him. Much the same as Moonlight Sonata reveals the personality of Beethoven and Three Musicians clues us in to Picasso’s mind.

The Awake! magazine also said: “By taking an in-depth look at what God has made, ‘His handiwork,’ we can learn what some of his qualities are. Well, what do we see?” (08Jan1979, page 11)

Good question. What do we see?

When this line of reasoning was touted at Witness meetings, audience members reveled in noting the love a mother cat shows for her kittens, the humor we see in watching otters, the beauty in parrots, the power of whales and, of course, the intelligence of humans.

Here then, I submit 5 creations that reveal the Lord’s personality…

1. The Cuckoo
Female cuckoos don’t bother making nests and incubating their eggs. They simply find an existing nest with a clutch of eggs already inside it and then, when she sees an opening, she surreptitiously deposits an egg. When the nest owner returns, she is unaware that she is now sitting on someone else’s egg. Soon, the baby cuckoo hatches and proceeds to shove the original eggs out of the nest. Mom is left with an adopted child she never asked for and none of her own.

2. Japanese Giant Hornet
This lovely creature looks for food by searching out beehives, then calling in reinforcements. The couple dozen Giant Hornets spend the next couple of hours ripping the heads off of the tens of thousands of bees courageously guarding their nests. When finally all the bees lie asunder and dying, the hornets enter the nest and steal the children. They then carry them off to their own children, who will eat them. Kind of like when Israel ransacked Jericho.
Here’s a video of the storm troopers in action:

3. Human bot fly

God created this awe-inspiring animal in such a way that it lays eggs right on top of a mosquito. The violated mosquito then lands on a human, where the eggs rub off. The nice, warm body heat of the human gives the eggs the signal they need to hatch. The little hatchlings then burrow into the skin and live under there.

4. The Blue-ringed Octopus
Unlike other animals, which often kill to eat, the octopus just bites whenever it feels scared. God shows his mercy and kindness in this bite, which immediately numbs the mouth and tongue, blurs the vision and creates paralysis. There is no known antivenom, but if you can round up some of your friends, they can perform CPR on you for several hours until the venom wears off.

5. Ichneumon Wasps
This example of Godly benevolence lays its eggs right inside a living host. God even gave the females freakishly long ovipositors so that they can jab, syringe-style, right into a caterpillar’s body and push out their eggs. Upon hatching, the larval begin feeding on the STILL LIVING host. Since even baby wasps like fresh meat, they take precaution not to kill their host. Right away. At first, they chomp on non-essential organs, waiting until they are ready to leave the ‘nest’ before consuming the brain. Hallelujah!

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2 Responses to Creation Reveals God’s Glory!

  1. Ryan Kevin says:

    Thank you, Brother Verbisaurus, for your heartening comments. I feel spiritually renewed.

  2. david says:

    I watched a program on TV which put forward the idea that all the war tactics that Humans have ever come up with can be found in the insect world.

    They had a Japanese Giant Wasp vs. European Honey Bee segment early in the program.

    They later introduced the Japanese Honey Bee’s defense tactic. It’s awesome. I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t already seen it.

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